Benefits of Bodily Injury Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Insurance Coverage

In every state that requires liability car insurance, bodily insurance coverage is included in that requirement.

While it may seem like just another cost to add on to already expensive monthly insurance payments, you will never appreciate this coverage to its fullest extent until you are involved in a car accident and receive injuries as a result.

Bodily injury liability insurance provides coverage in the case that you cause an accident in which another person or multiple people were injured.

Coverage limits are meant to represent the highest amount per person and per accident that your insurance company would pay if you had to use them for coverage.


What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to bodily injury coverage:

  • Covers the damages that you are legally responsible for as the person who causes the accident – including medical costs up to your policy limit to cover all persons injured because of your driving errors such as drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
  • Provides legal defense for you if you are sued for damages
  • Provides you with financial peace of mind
  • Payment for lost wages


What’s the Risk of No Coverage?

Without bodily insurance coverage, you could spend the rest of your life paying for medical fees and other bills with your own personal assets.

When you are considering the amount of bodily injury insurance to get, opting for the highest amount of protection is best and can save you a lot of financial grief in the future.

Consider all of your assets, such as your home and future earnings.

If you don’t have enough coverage to protect these assets, they could be at risk of losing so you can pay for damages that exceed your coverage limit.


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