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Criminal law and criminal defense in Arizona can be extremely complicated. When individuals do not know their rights, they often contribute to the case against them.

It is unfortunate that, while most people know how to provide emergency medical care, they do not often understand the basic laws that can have a dramatic effect on their freedom and their futures.

Even the most law-abiding citizens should know what can happen during an arrest and how to protect their rights.

In General, You Have a Right to an Attorney Present During Questioning
At Thrush Law Group, our Tucson criminal defense lawyers can prevent police from asking questions that are in violation of your rights.

There’s an exception to note: If you are suspected of driving under the influence, you may not have a right to an attorney when the police ask you to take a breath test or to give a blood sample to determine alcohol or drug presence.

How Thrush Law Group Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

Our criminal defense lawyers help clients through every phase of the criminal process — all the way from arrest through arraignment and trial, when applicable.

Your attorney protects your rights, helps you build your defense, and can even negotiate for reduced charges to avoid a stressful courtroom trial.

Thrush Law Group is a leading Arizona law firm with a track record of success and the resources needed to provide referrals to the most reliable bail bond agencies, if necessary.

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