Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Between the years 2008-2012 more than 34,000 people went to emergency rooms for dog bites and injuries.

Several of those victims had to be admitted to the hospital. People are often unaware that dog bites can cause serious injuries that require medical attention.

You should always consult with a medical professional when bitten by a dog to make sure that wound does not get infected and see if stitches or other treatment is required.

In Arizona, dog bite incidents must have taken place in public or the victim must have lawfully been on private property.

Arizona also requires any lawsuits arising out of a dog bite incident be filed with one year for the liability of the owner and with in two years for the injury.

Arizona law imposes steep penalties on dog owners for dog bites, as dog owners are required to pay the damage resulting from dog bites.

This is true whether or not the dog owner acted negligently or knew of the dog’s propensity toward biting.

Not only are there civil remedies for dog bites but Arizona law makes it a class 1 class 3 misdemeanor if an owner fails to take reasonable care to control a dog that is know to be aggressive or prohibits the dog from escaping outside the residence or yard.

Generally most home owner insurances will cover dog bite incidents.

However there are several dog breeds that will not be covered by insurance because of their propensity for aggression.

Most notably pit bulls are usually not covered by insurances.

However, this does not mean that the owner is not still personally liable for the injuries.

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