DUI Defense Strategies

DUI Defense Strategies

The attorneys at Thrush Law Group concentrate their efforts on the best DUI Defense Strategies when defending people charged with DUI.

Their diligent approach and proven DUI Defense Strategies offer the best chance for a dismissal or acquittal.

Best Chance for Dismissal or Acquittal

The following is a synopsis of the plan of action the Thrush Law Group will use while handling your case.

It is the result of years of practice and it is the best way to defend and/or attack what the police officer and the prosecutor will say about you.

It provides the best chance for dismissal or acquittal.

We pledge to provide you with the service you deserve and promise to leave no stone unturned in the campaign to win your case. Let’s look deeper:

  1. Notice of Appearance – When the Notice of Appearance is filed in your case, the prosecutor will be informed that Arizona’s best DUI defense team will be representing you.
  2. Rule 15 Disclosure Statement – This document informs the court and the prosecutor of the defenses to be used, the exhibits to be introduced in court and the witnesses that may be called to testify.
  3. Request for Interviews – If deemed necessary, all witnesses will be interviewed. The interview will be recorded and transcribed. If the interviewee (usually a police officer) changes his story, then the transcript can be used to impeach that person.
  4. Request to Produce – This is a demand for evidence that is within the control of the prosecutor. If the demand is not honored then your case could be dismissed.
  5. Motions to Dismiss and/or Suppress – Below is a list of motions that may be filed in your case.

Each of these motions could lead to a dismissal or suppression of evidence.

We will Continue to Fight for the Best Chance of Dismissal

The office of Thrush Law Group will file every applicable motion in your case to ensure the best chance of dismissal. Here is a list of some of the motions we have at our disposal to fight for you:

  • Illegal Search & Seizure
  • Improper Use of Medical Blood
  • Faulty Chain of Custody
  • Lack of Reasonable Suspicion
  • Lack of Probable Cause
  • Violation of Due Process Rights
  • Violation of Right to Counsel
  • Blood Alcohol Level Taken Outside of 2-Hour Limit
  • Search Warrant Used Unreasonable Force
  • Search Warrant Vague & Ambiguous
  • Tipster Improper Use of Unreliable Information
  • Breath Test – All Issues Concerning Improper Use and Admissibility
  • Lack of Actual Physical Control of Vehicle
  • Violation of Miranda Rights
  • Challenge Allegation of Prior Convictions
  • Challenge Violation of Right to Speedy Trial

Going to Trial if Necessary

Trial – The trial takes one or two days. The theory used would be dependent upon the unique facts and circumstances in your case. As always, we will utilize only the best DUI Defense Strategies in defending your case.

If the case is not successfully completed during the pretrial proceedings then you may want to go to trial.

You have the option to have a trial by jury or a bench trial in front of a judge.


NOTE: #1-5 represent the pretrial proceedings, which can last from 3-12 months.

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