Experiencing an Auto Accident in a Rental Car

Auto Accident in a Rental

Getting in an accident in your own vehicle is bad enough, but stresses can get even higher if you are involved in an accident while driving a rental car. This is especially true if you don’t have insurance coverage or an excess waiver on the rental car.

What Should I Do?

As with any auto accident, as soon as the accident occurs, contact the proper authorities. If there are any injuries, make sure to get medical authorities on the scene.

Phone the police as soon as possible. They will get to the scene of the accident and create a report.

Do not admit any fault in the accident.


Contact An Attorney ASAP

In any case, contact your auto injury attorney so you know you are legally protected from the second the accident occurs. Take thorough notes about what happened in the accident and take any necessary photos along with collecting all information about any other drivers, passengers and witnesses so you have it for your records.


Get Your Documents Together

Contact the rental car company to inform them of the accident. Rental car companies will usually provide a pamphlet in the glove compartment of the vehicle instructing you on the proper steps to take and numbers to call in the event of an accident.

If you took out extra insurance to cover your rental car, the damage to your car should be fixed and covered by the rental company with minimal cost and stress to you.

If you did not opt for extra insurance when you got your rental vehicle, you should look into if you are covered elsewhere, and if your personal car insurance covers damages to rental vehicles.

Contact your insurance company to let them know that you were involved in an accident.

This could take some time on the phone, so be prepared for a long process.


Stay Calm… or At Least Try To

If required, file an accident report. Make sure you have copies of all documentation recorded in relation to the accident and everyone involved.

Just as you would in any car accident, remain calm throughout the entire situation and try not to worry.

Keep in contact with your credit card and insurance company, as well as the rental car company, to make sure all matters are being handled.


Have Questions About Your Car Accident?

If you are involved in an auto accident, whether it is in your rental car or your own personal vehicle, contact an experienced Tucson Auto Accident Lawyer immediately.

The Tucson personal injury attorneys at Thrush Law Group will make sure all of your legal rights are protected throughout your care.