Product Liability Claims For Defective Vehicles

Product Liability Claims

If you have suffered injuries as the result of a defective motor vehicle or motor vehicle part, you may have the opportunity to file a product liability claim.

Some examples of past lawsuit subjects for motor vehicle defects have included:

  • Motorcycles that shake or wobble when driven at high speeds.
  • Cars that are sold with tires that are prone to blowouts, which could cause injury or even death to those in the vehicle.
  • ATV’s and SUV’s that are prone to rolling over.

Types of Product Liability Case

Defectively manufactured vehicles or parts

This claim will involve vehicles or vehicle parts that have proven to be improperly manufactured, whether it be as a result of the manufacturing facility or a problem that may have occurred during shipping, or even at the dealership/supply before it is purchased.


Vehicles with dangerous design that is unreasonable

The claim involves vehicles or parts that have an unreasonably dangerous design, even if manufactured properly. This design can cause injury or other damages. In most of these cases, the parts have been on the market for a long period of time before it is discovered that they are dangerous.


Defective Claim Liability

Defendants in a product liability claim for a defective claim may include:

  • Manufacturer: this is usually a large company, meaning they will have more money to help compensate the plaintiff and their injuries. But a large company will also be able to hire a team of high-priced lawyers to be on their side.
  • Parts manufacturer: Sometimes the manufacturer of a specific part is a separate company than the actual manufacturer of the vehicle. Both of these entities should be brought into the lawsuit.
  • Car dealership, auto supply shop: Whoever was responsible for the sale of the vehicle or the specific part should also be held liable for your damages – even if you were not the actual purchaser of the vehicle.
  • Shipper: If the defective part of vehicle was a result of the shipping, they are a part of the chain of distribution and as a result could be liable for your damages.


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