Tips For Documenting Your Personal Injury Expenses

Personal Injury Expenses

Moving on from an accident too quickly can prevent you from getting compensated for your injuries. Here are some tips for properly documents your personal injury expenses for your personal injury case.

Your lawyer will thank you for providing all of this information as it will make your case stronger and in the end provide you with more peace of mind after a devastating accident.


What Should I Do?

  1. Take pictures of anything and everything relating to the accident. This should include the accident scene, with close-up and far-away images to give a clear understanding of what happened. If you are seriously injured and must go to the hospital immediately, have a friend or family member take photos for you. Also take pictures of your injuries and how they progressively heal. Make sure all images have a time stamp and location stamp on them.
  2. Get personal information from everyone involved in the accident, including nearby witnesses and police officers. Exchange license plate, registration and insurance information with everyone involved in the accident. Be sure that all of this information is accurate.
  3. Use a journal to record how you are feeling physically and emotionally while your injuries heal. Writing about how the accident has affected your daily life will help you remember the details of what happened and will also help your Tucson personal injury attorney build a stronger case.
  4. Keep track of every single expense that has taken place as a result of your accident. You and your attorney will need to provide proof of financial loss after the accident. Set aside a special folder that stays organized and secure with all relevant paperwork, including medical bills and reports that are relevant to your injuries and the accident.
  5. Document all correspondence you have with any professionals that have confirmed the validity of your injuries and claims. Save all emails and other online messages exchanged.


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