Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Tucson

Our attorneys at the Thrush Law Group have successfully represented thousands of personal injury and wrongful death victims, and we can lead your family through the legalities of your tragedy.

Unfortunately, tragedies do occur, and the Arizona wrongful death attorneys at Thrush Law Group can help you if your family member died as a result of:

  • A wrongful act
  • A willful or intentional act
  • Negligence of another person or entity
  • Reckless behavior of another person or entity

Our attorneys can help you understand the legal process in Arizona and help you deal with this life-altering event. Arizona Statutes §§ 12-611, 612 and 613 define wrongful death.

In Arizona, if a person dies at the hands of another, or due to the negligence of another, the statutes define who may bring a wrongful death action.

The surviving spouse, parents, children and in some cases the personal representatives of the decedent’s estate have this right. Generally all eligible parties must be included in the action and only one action can be brought.

At the Thrush Law Group, we treat each case with the delicacy and respect our clients deserve and strive to distinguish ourselves by our personal consideration of our clients’ cases and needs.

The attorneys of Thrush Law Group have experience in wrongful death matters and know that quality counsel is essential when dealing with such personal and emotional issues.

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