The Severe Impacts of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal injury from a slip and fall accidents can change your life dramatically in an instant.

Whether it is temporary or permanent injury that may result from a slip and fall, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney to ensure that your health, ability for future work, and financial status are legally protected.

Some of the most critical affects that result from slip and fall accidents include:

Time Lost at Work and Financial Stress

Most slip and fall accidents that happen each year result in the victim being forced to take a leave from work for at least one month.

This can result in money loss and financial stress, especially when you take into consideration any fees that you may have to initially pay before the outcome of your case.

Lengthy Recovery

Many slip and fall injuries result in fractures and other types of injuries that may not just prevent you from going to work and making money, but can also require weeks or sometimes months to heal, as well as require any physical training to help heal the injury.

A long healing period means it is difficult to walk, run, exercise, and do other activities that are very necessary for your every day life.

Permanent Disability

In severe cases, a slip and fall injury could result in spinal injury, a head injury, or another type of injury that may never fully heal and thus resulting in permanent disability for the victim.

This could render them incapable of working ever again, and therefore unable to take care of themselves and their own needs, taking away their opportunity for a normal life as they were living before the injury.

This not only affects the victim financially, but emotionally as well.


Death is a scary but very real possibility of slip and fall injuries in any place of work. There are many hazards to avoid that can prevent falling and hitting your head on the ground, falling down a flight of stairs, or any other severe incident that could occur.


Searching for a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Once you have received the medical care that your injuries require, you should consult with an experience personal injury lawyer to discuss a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

At Thrush Law Group, our attorney’s are here to help you better understand your legal rights and options after you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall incident.