Personal Injuries and Minors

Personal Injuries and Minors

Suffering from an injury can be a traumatic experience for anyone, especially if the person injured is a child.

Often, the full extent of the injuries sustained by a minor is not noticed or will not affect their quality of life until years after the accident.

When minors (anyone under the age of 18) and children are injured, there are special rules that apply to personal injury lawsuit regulations.


Statue of Limitations and Minors

When a minor is injured, the statute of limitations is delayed.

A statute of limitations is the time in which you must file a lawsuit for a personal injury claim. If the lawsuit is not brought forward within that time, the victim loses all rights to take future legal action.

The typical statute of limitations in a personal injury case is two years.

While minors must still follow this statute of limitations, the rules are different. If a lawsuit is filed before the child turns 18, the claim must be brought on his behalf by a parent or legal guardian, or be brought on by the victim once they turn 18.

The statute does not begin until the day the child reaches majority age and will not expire until two years later on their 20th birthday.

When minor children have suffered serious injuries, the incidents should be fully investigated to determine who is at fault and if a personal injury lawsuit can be brought forward.


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